Real Reviews

 I have been a customer of Dea for over a year now so I can give you an honest review of my experience over that time.

Let me start by saying that I searched online for a good waxing place for awhile before making a decision on where to go for a brazilian waxing.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and wanted to find someplace that was clean, comfortable, sanitary, and at a good price.

I finally settled on Dea and crossed my fingers.  During my first brazilian waxing Dea was great and made the experience as comfortable as possible for me.  She walked me through the entire process and took her time.  She is a total professional and cares about her clients and their comfort level.  I left feeling that the process was not as bad as I thought and I loved my results and knew that I would be back.

I once decided to try somewhere that was closer to my house and boy did I regret it.  They were very impersonal and I could tell that they only cared about making money and how many people they could get in and out.  The worst part was that it was very uncomfortable and I was not pleased with the results at all!  No one comes close to Dea and now I am a customer for life and I have had the wonderful opportunity to follow her as her business grows.

I have also had other body parts waxed including my eyebrows and have always been pleased with my results.  Her prices are great in my opinion especially compared to the higher prices salons in the area. My advice is to to try her and I am sure you will not be disappointed - what do you have to loose but some unwanted hair  :) 

-Joyce K.

 I just had a Brazilian wax with Jade and it was the best I have ever had. (And I've had several)  The wax and her technique made it almost painless. I am definitely going back. It was clean, smelled nice and no double dipping!!! A plus for customer service. 

-Kimberlie M.

 My first brazilian wax ever and I was beyond impressed. Jade was amazing, super nice and fast. It hurt surprising less the expected, they use hard wax so it dose not pull the skin only the hair.
Will definitely be coming back! 

-Ashley L.

 As usual, Jade was a doll :) Im currently 39 weeks pregnant and a brazilian can be a little frightening when your this far along but Jade makes the experience as comfortable as possible. I cant wait to come back! 

-Sunny J.

 I went for my first session last week. Dea was very professional and very good. The pain was so minimal that I was shocked. After reading horror stories online I was prepared for the worst. It just goes to show you that the technician makes all of difference. I am definitely going back and sorry I waited so long to visit the first time.

-Suzi N.

 What a great experience!  Dea is extremely professional and very personable.  I never felt uncomfortable nor awkward throughout the process.  While not absent, the pain is tolerable as Dea uses a special wax to help reduce discomfort.  I HIGHLY recommend giving her a try! 

-Google User