Become a Wax Whisperer

The Wax Whisperer Academy has developed hands-on workshops for beginners, intermediate and advance.

1. Trainees must be 18 years or older.

 2. Trainee must be licensed or be a student currently enrolled in a Beauty School. 

3. All trainees must be willing to be a model for the workshops. We encourage to bring additional models to work on.

 4. Models must also be 18 years or older. 

5. All Trainees and Models must have at least 2 weeks of hair growth.

 6. Waxing kits are included in the price and will be provided at the workshop for all Trainees. You must bring an ID card to receive your kit.

 7. The workshop is from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM with a 1 hour lunch break. 

8. Bring a note pad and pen to take notes and wear comfortable clothing. 

9. All Trainees will be provided a Waxing Certificate upon completion and Ongoing support. 

10. Trainee is responsible for checking with their state board regarding the licenses required to perform paid waxing services.

Training Objectives


• Advantages and disadvantages of different types of waxes 

• The differences between various waxing methods 

• Waxing different body parts..Brows to Brazilian 

• Proper brow design to shape your client’s eyebrows 

• Common waxing errors and how to avoid skin irritation 

• Special techniques to save time and avoid product waste 

• Home aftercare procedures for clients


• Maintain a sanitary work environment 

• Apply proper sanitary waxing procedures 

• Prevent cross-contamination 

• Disinfect the tools properly

Client Consultation

• Perform a thorough waxing client consultation before every treatment

 • Properly respond to client’s concerns 

• Understand various skin conditions to determine if the client can be waxed

 • How to keep proper records on every client to achieve maximum results